My wedding photographer portfolio

This selection of images comes from the hundreds of weddings I’ve had the privilege to photograph in recent years. They provide an opportunity to walk you through the typical flow of a wedding day.

My approach remains consistent throughout the day. I aim to capture these hundreds of fleeting yet precious moments. Smiles you might have missed, tears of joy scattered everywhere, funny, powerful, tender, bewildering, and sincere moments. All of this is what I invite you to witness and add to your memories! So, let’s embark on a journey into the heart of a typical wedding day!

The Getting Ready

As the event begins, the getting ready is surprisingly one of the most intense and emotionally charged moments!

The joy of reuniting with loved ones, the nervousness of final adjustments, the desire to enjoy the venue and relax a bit, the impatience to meet all the guests, and more.

It’s a blend of joy, excitement, and nervous anticipation. And it’s excellent material for the documentary photographer I am!

For you, it’s also the moment to get used to the camera. Being photographed while getting your makeup done, adjusting your tie knot—it’s not very usual! And it can be a bit bewildering. But you’ll see, you get accustomed to it quite quickly! Soon, you’ll forget that I have a camera in my hands.

Photographing the preparations also holds interest for me! This time allows me to meet the key protagonists of the wedding: your witnesses, parents, siblings, and more. They, too, will have the opportunity to get accustomed to the presence of a photographer.

Furthermore, capturing the preparations serves the documentary and the story I tell! I love the idea of narrating the entire day, not just a restricted timeframe.

During these moments, nothing is staged. I’m not one to artificially manipulate the events unfolding before my eyes. What you experience will be photographed as it is!

The first look

After the preparations and just before the ceremony, it’s the moment for you to reunite! This is one of the few staged moments of the day. Generally, it’s a highly emotional moment that will help you ease the pressure before joining all your guests!

If you want the discovery to happen traditionally in the church aisle or during the secular ceremony, that’s certainly possible!

However, if you’d like to learn more about this particular moment called the First Look, I recommend reading this dedicated page.

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The Ceremonies

Civil, religious, or secular, wedding ceremonies are all different.

Civil ceremonies at the town hall are characterized by their speed and protocol. However, this doesn’t prevent them from often being very emotional. It’s at this moment that everything you’ve meticulously planned for months suddenly becomes reality, officially, in front of all the loved ones who have joined you just before the event! These moments are powerful! Wedding halls may sometimes be unattractive, but what happens there is very beautiful!

Religious ceremonies in churches have a more solemn and subdued atmosphere, at least until the festive exit onto the church square! As a photographer, I need to be even more discreet during these moments.

As for secular ceremonies, they are truly powerful moments, my favorites among all that wedding ceremonies have to offer. It’s when people express how much they love each other. These moments are often accompanied by tears, sometimes even my own! .

Regardless of the type of ceremonies held during your wedding, I always adapt to the venue, the atmosphere, and the flow of the event. Whether I need to find my place in a crowded and cramped town hall or move stealthily in a silent church, whether I’m laughing or shedding tears with the guests while listening to your witness’s heartfelt speech during the secular ceremony, I strive to capture every moment of these ceremonies to tell your story in the best possible way.

Again, no posing! And a lot of anticipation!

And certainly no looking at the camera during the signing of the registers! I much prefer to capture warm embraces and moments of genuine joy that surround this moment!

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The wedding exit

Photographing a wedding ceremony with a narrative approach requires a lot of commitment and focus. When it concludes, staying 100% engaged is crucial to capture one of the key moments of the wedding: the exit from the ceremony with its traditional flower petal, lavender, or rice tosses.

Right after this moment, some photographers tend to ease off the pressure, feeling that their job is done after immortalizing the ceremony. Not me! It’s the time for hugs, embraces, congratulations, and bursts of joy! It’s when I’m closest to the action, closest to you! It’s a moment of the day that you’ll love reliving through photos!

The wedding reception

Once the ceremony or ceremonies have taken place, the pressure subsides for the newlyweds. It’s done! It’s official! Now it’s time to relax and have fun! It’s the perfect moment to capture some candid individual portraits of the guests. Unposed portraits, of course! Natural and spontaneous!

This is also when the traditional bouquet toss, speeches, and entertainment organized by the witnesses or wedding vendors take place. There are so many stories to tell during the wedding reception!

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The group photos

Despite specializing in reportage and candid photos, I don’t consider group photos to be a secondary exercise.

Alright, we’ve all experienced those endless group photo sessions on scorching afternoons as guests… Rest assured, I’ll never subject you to that!

However, I believe it’s essential to capture beautiful group photos. That’s why I prioritize quality over quantity.

It is important not to make the group photo session too long, as it could disrupt the flow of your day.

Choosing the right moment is equally important. The end of the cocktail hour is usually ideal. It’s a bit cooler than mid-afternoon, the light is more beautiful, and the guests are satiated and refreshed (and therefore relaxed!).

I also enjoy capturing candid moments between posed shots. These often involve interactions, movement, and joy!

Read more about the group photos

The Couple Portraits

You’ll see, a wedding day flies by in the blink of an eye. You’ll be in high demand and eager to make the most of your guests. So, it’s out of the question for me to monopolize a whole hour with an endless couple portrait session. A wedding day is meant for spending time with loved ones!

I prefer to offer brief portrait moments, here and there, throughout the day (maximum 10 to 15 minutes each). I envision these sessions as calm and intimate interludes amidst the bustling day. They’ll serve as pauses for you to reconnect, catch your breath, and enjoy each other’s company

You may be feeling stressed about the idea of having a couple portrait session on your wedding day. Allow me to reassure you: it’s completely normal!

You won’t have to worry about the camera. I’ll take care of everything. I promise! By encouraging movement and interaction between you, I’ll create an environment where you can feel at ease and completely forget about the camera!

During a wedding day, there are several opportune moments for capturing these couple photo sessions. Here are some options:

  • At the end of the getting ready, just before the ceremony. You’ll be delighted to reunite at that moment!

  • At sunset, towards the end of the cocktail, for a moment of intimacy just before the diner.

  • Or during the evening, to enjoy the nighttime freshness after the dance floor!

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The wedding night

At nightfall, many photographers find themselves in a predicament. I was one of them in the beginning of my career. Our raw material, light, dwindles and takes on shapes as diverse as they are unexpected!

Nevertheless, there is always a story to tell! Games, laughter, intense moments—the opening dance, the frenzy of the dance floor, and more. Capturing these moments brings genuine joy to photography

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So, I trained myself and experimented with various lighting techniques in wedding venues and dance floors that I’ve explored. I’ve learned to master the art of off-camera flash (known as strobism to the connoisseurs), which allows me to continue telling your story in the most beautiful way!

You’ll see me wandering around with flashes mounted on tripods, colored gels, and various modifiers—all with the sole purpose of enhancing the moments you’ll experience.

I also enjoy playing with available light when it inspires me. However, I never lose sight of my primary goal: to narrate your wedding, your story, and your emotions! And there will be plenty of them! All the way to the dance floor!

The night portraits

My photographic approach is primarily that of documentary storytelling. However, I occasionally venture into pure creativity, especially with couples who are willing to participate in the process.

As our desires and on-the-spot ideas unfold, we can create staged scenes with your witnesses or capture striking nighttime portraits with bold compositions. These photographs usually come together in just a few minutes and are always incredibly enjoyable to create together—it’s all about creative play.

If you’d like to engage in this creative game with me, we’ll find a moment during the evening to do so!

A wedding day is often filled with rituals, obligatory moments, and traditions. However, as a photographer, it’s not just these aspects that capture my interest. I don’t arrive on the big day armed with a checklist of must-have photos. My goal isn’t to create Instagram-worthy shots. Instead, I capture what unfolds before my eyes, without any preconceptions.

Whether your wedding takes place in a community hall or a grand palace, it will be unique. It’s the people who participate that make it beautiful. The emotions they experience will shape the story I tell through my photographs.

That’s what I offer to capture—just as I’ve done for


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