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Jérémie Morel Photographer in Lyon, France

I am Jérémie Morel, a Lyon-based photographer who has been practicing since 2016 in two major disciplines of photography :

Wedding photo reportage

I offer future brides and grooms creative wedding reports with a decidedly modern approach, far from traditional codes, which consists of creating more authentic and natural images than posed moments.

Corporate Photographer

I help businesses to be seen and recognized in a world of images by creating with them a visual identity that is unique to them. I do this through portraits, reports, and photographic staging.

Why did I become a photographer?

I have an atypical background. I only became a professional photographer at 35! I first went through University. There, I studied geography and climatology. Then I knew the working world, especially in the delivery of drinks to cafes, hotels, and restaurants. Now, I’m exploring the world of entrepreneurship and creation! And I’ve come full circle by now teaching photography courses at Lyon III University!

I don’t know if it’s possible to make a bigger leap than that! I’ll skip the reasons that explain this journey. That’s not the most interesting. What really is, is why I find myself here and now offering you my photographic creations!

Why did I become a photographer? First and foremost, to make my children proud. Then, because photography is a mode of expression for me. It gives me a place in the world, a place I didn’t find in my previous lives.

However, I don’t deny any of my past experiences. On the contrary, they have served me a lot. They have shaped me and made the photographer I am today.

The years I spent driving trucks and forklifts, carrying several tons of goods per day, taught me endurance. I was then used to working in pain and when I became a photographer, I had the impression that if I wasn’t suffering, it was because I wasn’t really working…

I know, it may seem surprising to think like this… But this mindset has been very useful for my progression as a photographer and for my clients. I have always pushed myself beyond on the reports that were entrusted to me. I have always given a little more than what was expected of me. If I didn’t, I felt like I wasn’t respecting my client.

During a photo report, I will therefore always try to go for the next photo, just in case it’s better than the previous one! I learned a lot about my profession as a photographer thanks to this requirement.

My university years, on the other hand, gave me another conviction: Knowledge is freedom. I learned to learn during those years. And it’s a good thing because in photography, there is a lot to know, in both technical, technological, artistic, and relational fields! It’s exciting!

Why wedding photography?

Modern wedding photography is an ultra-complete exercise that requires mastery of several major disciplines of photography: portrait, reportage, still life, etc.

One must be able to shoot during the day, at night, indoors, outdoors…

One must know how to step back at certain times and be proactive at others.

One must succeed in each photo while thinking about the overall coherence of the final report.

So, I tend to think that when you know how to photograph a wedding, you know how to photograph everything!

It’s a fascinating profession, which leaves a beautiful place for creativity, which makes a lot of sense and allows me to meet many beautiful people.

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Why corporate photography?

From the local craftsman to the large multinational, there is one element that I find in each of my photo jobs: the feeling of pride.

Workers are proud to show their know-how during a report on their workplace.

The business owner is proud when I put their products and services into images, which are the result of several years of work.

The employees of a booming company are proud to be a part of it and to be valued when I take their portrait.

This profession allows me to wander in the middle of a symphony orchestra during the rehearsals of a Beethoven work. It allows me to create stories in the setting of an escape game. It allows me to discover the secrets of manufacturing many everyday objects, to travel all over France, and above all to meet many inspiring personalities.

The camera is a kind of passport that allows us to travel the world with a specific purpose. ANNIE LEIBOVITZ

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Les Demoiselles du Téléphone

We called on Jérémie for our seminar in LYON and we do not regret our choice on all points. Smile, adaptability, quality of listening, superb photos…in a word, I highly recommend.

Verseau Web

I have worked with Jérémie on several projects and I have always admired his talent and his ability to bring out the extraordinary from the ordinary. Moreover, his friendliness and good humor make him a photographer with whom it is more than pleasant to work. Thank you!!!


I highly recommend Jérémie’s work! His photographer’s eye is unique. He knows how to find the magical and fragile moments that enhance people in their natural state. He is very professional and responsive.

Wake Up Escape Game

We collaborated with Jérémie for the creation of new visuals for our Escape Game and we are very satisfied with the result! Jérémie is an attentive, very professional and inspired photographer. […] A big thank you for everything!

My inspirations

Creativity does not come from nowhere. It is born from a cultural environment, an intellectual landscape that is unique to each individual. Here’s mine: 

Jérémie Morel
Photographe de mariage

Jérémie Morel photographe