When should you contact me to reserve a date?

Typically, clients reach out between 6 months and 1 year before their wedding. So, if you like what I offer, I recommend getting in touch promptly to ensure that your preferred date remains available, especially if your wedding falls during the high season (May to September).

Do you travel all over France?

I most frequently work in the extended Lyon region, but I can travel to the Alps, the Midi, Burgundy, and anywhere in France and Europe!

How long do you stay on the wedding day?

It will depend on your preferences and budget. As I adopt a narrative approach, I enjoy capturing a wedding in its entirety, from the preparations to the evening festivities, which typically amounts to an average of 12 hours of coverage.

Est-ce qu'on va se rencontrer avant le mariage?

Oui bien sûr! C’est très important pour moi! Si vous êtes pas dans la région lyonnaise, nous ferons au moins une visio. Pour faire connaissance, mais aussi pour caler tous les détails de ma prestation : horaires, adresses, consignes, etc. L’objectif est double : que nous ne soyons pas des inconnus l’un pour l’autre le jour et que je sois autonome sur les questions de logistique

How will I discover my photos?

You will discover the photo report through an online gallery that you can easily share with your guests in just one click! Additionally, you’ll be able to download the photos and order prints from there. For more information, please refer to this page.

When will I discover my photos?

One month after the wedding! Unless I take time off between your wedding and photo delivery. But if that happens, I will notify you!

How many photos are included?

Approximately 400 photos. Each of them goes through careful selection and meticulous post-processing. It is this work that gives substance to the entire collection, allowing us to offer you a coherent report both in terms of narrative and aesthetics.

What happens if your camera breaks down?

I always carry two cameras with me. And I duplicate all accessories: flashes, batteries, lenses, etc. There’s no risk of being caught off guard! This is part of the guarantees that a professional photographer should offer to their clients!

What if you can't make it on the wedding day?

Knock on wood, I’ve never broken a leg the day before a wedding! But if that were to happen, I’d simply pick up my phone and reach out to the many photographers in my network to find a swift solution! It’s a tight-knit community that despises leaving couples without a solution!

Is there a photo book included?

Yes! The very essence of my work is that it gets printed and doesn’t remain dormant on a computer hard drive! I collaborate with a provider in Grenoble to create your books. I provide all the details on this page.

Do you speak English? Or any other language?

I speak English! And in fact, I love international weddings that blend different cultures. It reminds me of my childhood. Part of my family lives in Scotland, the United States, and Germany. I’m always delighted to have the opportunity to practice this language!

Will we take group photos?

We’ve all experienced those endless group photo sessions as guests, especially during scorching afternoons. I’ll spare you that! However, I believe it’s essential to capture a few. On this matter, I prioritize quality over quantity, as explained on this page.

Do you offer selfie stations? Do you have a drone? Do you do videography?

The photographic approach I present here is highly demanding and requires significant involvement throughout the day. That’s why I want to focus 100% on capturing your reportage. For these specific services, I’d be delighted to recommend professionals who can bring your ideas to life!

If we’ve also hired a videographer, does that bother you?

If he or she is friendly, absolutely not! I’ll simply ask you to inform me and put us in touch so that we can ensure our working methods are compatible.

What are your rates?

I will provide you with all the details of my rates when we meet. However, please be aware that my services start at €1390.

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