Your wedding photos on your own gallery

I have long thought about the best way for you to discover your wedding photos! That’s why I offer my reports on a personalized online gallery specially made for you and your guests!

A few weeks after your wedding, you will receive an email that will allow you to access your photo report.

You can then choose a calm and suitable moment to settle comfortably in your sofa and make the most of the experience!

Discover your reportage before everyone else

This gallery is totally private and secure. Only you have access and control who can see it!

Relive your day in music!

You will have the possibility to discover your photos with a musical slideshow specially for you!

Download your photos in HD

You will of course have the possibility to download your photos (individually or globally) in high definition to save them on your hard drives or any other support.

Easily share your report with your loved ones

I can guarantee that your loved ones will not forget to ask you to discover the photo report! You will be able to share your gallery with them very easily and in one click! You can do it whenever you want. You manage the timing!

But before that, you will be able to choose the sharing and downloading settings.

If you want your guests to be able to discover the photos without being able to download them, it’s entirely possible!

If you want them to discover the full report except for certain photos that you want to keep for yourself, that’s also possible. All you have to do is mark the private photos, as in the example below. This will make them invisible to those who consult the gallery via the invitation link!

Enjoy your photos everywhere thanks to a mobile app

A web app is associated with your online gallery. It will allow you to access your photos very easily from your smartphone, and this, for the entire duration of your gallery’s activity!

Enjoy your gallery for 1 year or more

In the packages that I offer, the gallery is available by default for one year. But you will be able to keep the gallery active as long as you wish (€50/year).

Order high quality prints via the online store

This is a bit of the highlight of the show. A print shop is attached to the gallery and will allow you to offer yourself wonderful memories directly from your interface!

Treat yourself to a beautiful framed print on high-end paper. Design and personalize your thank you card. Layout your own wedding album, etc. There are plenty of top-quality products and gift ideas to discover!

Print orders are placed with the best providers on the market and you will receive the prints directly at your home!

Enjoy a multilingual gallery and a globlal catalog

It is possible for me to set up your gallery in many languages if your guests are, for example, predominantly English-speaking.

If you do not live in France or Europe, I will be able to set up the shop to present you with products from the best laboratories all over the world!

You want to discover your wedding photos this way?
Contact me!


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