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Jérémie Morel Wedding Photographer

Wedding photographer in Lyon & everywhere in France

I am Jeremie Morel, a french professionnel photographer from the Lyon region with scottish roots.

I specialized in creative wedding reportage since 2016. My approach is resolutely modern, consisting of creating more authentic and natural images then posed moments. 

Why am I a wedding photographer? Because it’s the most complete exercise that exists for a photographer : reportage, portraits, photos during the day, at night, indoors, outdoors, all while telling a story and remaining creative! It’s an exciting exercise!

And it allows me to meet amazing people!

Nearly a hundred couples have already entrusted me to immortalize their wedding day. If you give me the opportunity  to enter your circle as well, I will be happy and honored.

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The photos are just gorgeous!!! You really knew how to take the photos at the best moments, they give us so much emotion. Once again your presence among us was very important and we were really delighted to count you among our guests ! Thank you so much!


It is a real pleasure to be able to have memories of this weekend and to share them with our friends and families. Thank you for your availability and your professionalism.


Thank you for all these photos! A real pleasure to dive back into this day through your photos in large numbers! A big thank you for your availability, reactivity and this ideal photographic work


We are dazzled. The photos are wonderful… So much emotion. Thank you +++


Wedding photo reportage in France

I create my photo report by focusing on the interactions that exist between you and your loved ones, as well as the emotions that you feel. During a wedding day, I observe and listen carefully. 

I like spontaneity. I take just a few posed photos and aim to capture natural images by being in the right place at the right time. 

Both discreet and avaibable, I do not interfere with the events that unfold before my eyes. As a photographer, my goal is for you to be free to experience every moment in the most natural and sincere way possible. 

Even portrait sessions are designed to be a relaxing and enjoyable moment in the midst of a busy wedding day. They are meant to be lively and dynamic, capturing what happens in your eyes. 

Creative wedding photographer

Shooting a wedding is like writing a chapter of your family book. It’s not about the venue or the bouquet. It’s about your couple, your family, your friends.

It’s about the ones you love!

As soon as we meet, I will be happy to give you some advice and guide you in your choices. On your wedding day, I’ll be by your side to support you as a close friend, a confidant.

This is also what it means to be a wedding photographer.

As a wedding photographer, I have experienced dozens of wedding days which I have compiled in the video opposite. Watch it and if you like it, let’s talk!

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