You will not stress during your couple portraits!

If I have the pleasure of being your wedding photographer, you will not stress during the couple portrait session. It’s a promise!

A wedding is a family celebration, not a fashion shoot! And if you are one of those who dread the lens and do not see yourself making a model pout on your wedding day, you are talking to the right person.

I also promise never to take you into tackiness and kitsch. With me, no camera look supported by a tense smile. No convoluted pose giving you ants in your legs. No jacket over the shoulder, leaning against a tree. It’s a way to spread sap on your white shirt! I will not ask you to lie down in the grass with your dress, at the risk of tearing it or catching a tick! I will not ask you to run in the vineyards at 2 p.m. on a hot day or to give you a Hollywood kiss in a pedestrian street full of nosy tourists.

Old wooden doors, rusty kiosks, hay bales, hands in the shape of a heart, risky photomontages. All this, we forget! And above all, I will not ask you to pose for me for 1 hour while your guests are already enjoying the cocktail.

That day, you will be there for them! And they will be there for you! It is out of the question for me to tear you away from them. Especially since this reunion is often an opportunity to bring together people that we have not seen for so long

The way I shoot wedding couple photos

Short sessions

Make no mistake, I love taking couple portraits. You will see a certain number on my site. I would find it a shame not to do absolutely any.

What I offer you as a couple portrait session is a combination of everything I have learned during the dozens and dozens of weddings already photographed.

First of all, I prefer to do very short sessions. Maximum 10 to 15 minutes. Beyond that, you will probably get tired and want to join your loved ones. Rather than doing a long session in the middle of an already busy day, I prefer to do several mini-sessions at the most opportune times and in easily accessible places. The idea is to seek maximum fluidity in the planning of your day.

A parenthesis of calm and relaxation

I also want this to be an easy and pleasant experience for you, a break during which you find yourself. I want it to be a parenthesis of tenderness in a day that, you will see, will be effervescent!

How do I achieve this? By not asking you for any pose! Everything happens in movement, interaction, play and dialogue! Don’t be too curious, I won’t reveal any of my secret weapons here!

Some couples sometimes tell me after these portrait sessions, that they didn’t even feel like they were being photographed. And it is generally there that I get precisely the best photos! And above all, photos that look like them and that enhance them.

Concretely, how does it happen? To help you project yourself, let’s imagine a typical day together:

  • At the end of the preparations, the tension rises before the ceremony. It’s time for you to discover each other and it will do you a lot of good to hug each other before going to join your guests. This is a moment that I will photograph letting you live your emotions, after having guided you at the time of discovery. If we have time, we will take advantage of these strong emotions to take some couple photos in all simplicity. This can be done anywhere. In the garden of the domain you have rented, in the living room of your apartment. It doesn’t matter! The important thing is that we don’t need to move.

  • Upon arriving at the estate, you are still on cloud nine after the strong emotions experienced during the wedding ceremony. We will take advantage of this to isolate ourselves in the greenery surrounding the reception hall while waiting for the guests to arrive. You will then be able to let yourself be guided and enjoy each other for a few minutes. But nothing obliges us to do so if it is too hot, if you feel the need to rest a bit or to organize the last details with the caterer or the DJ.

  • The cocktail is coming to an end. You have been able to satisfy your hunger, quench your thirst and enjoy precious moments with your loved ones. The sun is setting, the temperature is dropping and the light is magnificent. Before launching the evening with the traditional entrance into the room, we move away from the crowd so that you can find yourself alone. This is a moment of fullness and I really don’t have to make much effort to get soft and natural photos.

  • Why limit yourself to taking portraits during the day? Night has fallen. The evening is in full swing. Between two dishes or after the opening of the ball, we take a few minutes together again to create more graphic and creative images. I will then have taken the time to imagine you inside a lighting that I would have created beforehand with my flashes and colored gels. Again, this will only take a few minutes. It’s a moment for two, that you offer yourself in the coolness of the night.

Your wedding may look like this. And if it’s not, that’s fine too! We will adapt. The important thing for me is that you can live your day without stress and without apprehension.

Light as a guide

It can also happen (rarely I reassure you) that I solicit you impromptu to make only one photo! Especially when an exceptional situation arises as was the case for the photo above. During the wine of honor of this wedding at the Domaine de Tourieux, the setting sun was beautifully reflected on the windows of a large window with tinted windows. I solicited the bride and groom for a very small minute to make this photo that they are now delighted to have!

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