Couple and family photo session

If you are planning to get married, the wedding day you are preparing will certainly be one of the most memorable moments of your life. It will be an opportunity to highlight and immortalize your love and complicity, especially with couple photos.

As a wedding photographer, I am passionate about capturing authentic and spontaneous moments that resemble you and tell your story. That’s why my couple photo sessions are meant to be joyful, light, and natural.

Even if you apprehend this exercise and nothing is mandatory, it is, in my opinion, important to take couple photos. And if it can reassure you, know that I photograph most of the time couples who are not used to posing or who do not like it! 90% of the brides and grooms you will see on this site have assured me they are not photogenic!

In any case, whether you are reluctant or enthusiastic about the idea of taking couple portraits, nothing obliges us to do them specifically on the wedding day! We can very easily organize a portrait session before or after D-day.

Whether you are an active, reserved, creative, or exuberant couple, whether you like to live rich emotional experiences or simply spend time together, my couple portrait sessions are designed to allow you to have fun and find yourself for a privileged moment, far from the daily rush.

These sessions are flexible and personalized. Depending on your preferences, I will be happy to accompany you to the location of your choice, whether it’s in the bustling streets of Lyon, at the foot of the Alps, or in the vast expanses of the countryside. On this point, I will be proactive, but if you have a particular desire, don’t hesitate to tell me! Let’s go to the top of a volcano if you wish! It would be an opportunity to take spectacular couple photos!

A couple photo session is not just a simple shot. It’s an experience, a moment to connect and strengthen the bond that unites you.

My couple photos are meant to be natural and unposed. I want to create memories with you that reflect your personality and the nature of your feelings. I seek to photograph only spontaneous moments, carefully avoiding outdated and stereotyped poses.

Getting natural photos, however, is easier said than done! And it’s also the promise of many photographers. For my part, I will seek the natural, by making you move, talk, laugh, react! You will thus be able to forget the lens of my camera and look each other in the eye!

I have always considered that the exercise of the portrait was a form of dialogue. It’s a communication between the person being photographed and the photographer. If this communication exists, the natural comes quickly! There is then only to trigger the camera!

If you decide to offer yourself a couple portrait session outside of your wedding day, here is what I can offer you:

The engagement session

This session takes place a few weeks or a few months before the wedding. It will allow us to get to know each other and break the ice before D-day. It will also allow you to get used to the exercise of the portrait and realize, in fact, it’s fun and easy!

It will also allow you to have photos of you, in everyday clothes but also to have additional images for the invitation card!

And above all, this session will allow you to take even more memories and have a great time in love!

The Day After Session

The Day After Session If it’s important for you to have beautiful couple portraits in dress and suit, we will try to do it on the wedding day. But if you want to push the approach, have more or even enjoy this moment without worrying about the time passing while being cut off from the world, then we can do a Day After session!

This can be done in the days following the wedding but also several weeks or even several months later!

The Trash the Dress session

The Trash the Dress session is a bit like the Day After session but with a bit of spice! If a punk side sleeps in you, it’s time to express it!

We can finally do everything in wedding attire! Go swimming! Play with smoke bombs! Descend a mountain by mountain bike!

Here the only limit will be our desires and our creativity!

The Pregnancy Session

Pregnancy is an important moment in the life of a woman and a couple. Some women will find it perfectly incongruous to be photographed during this period of their life. Others, on the contrary, will want to immortalize it.

It is not uncommon for couples whose wedding I have photographed to contact me shortly after to announce a happy event and to ask me for a photo session.

These sessions take place in the same spirit as the engagement or day after sessions. Except that I take into account the potentially reduced mobility of the future mother!

The Family and Newborn session

Children move! So if you want to organize a family session with your children, I won’t even try to make them pose!

In the logical continuation of what I can offer for couple sessions, family sessions are meant to be joyful and messy. Besides, isn’t that what a family is? A happy mess?

Well, if you have a newborn, we will be more on a cocooning version at home, I promise!

The Session without reason!

After all, do we really need a reason to do a photo session. Are we obliged to wait for a pregnancy or a wedding?

Time flies! So offering yourself a couple session from time to time, just like that, for fun, is a beautiful way to create beautiful memories and mark the stages of your common history.

To offer you this memory, contact me!

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