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‘Being up to the beauty of the world

‘‘Being up to the beauty of the world’’

Jérémie Morel
French wedding photographer

Jérémie Morel
French Wedding photographer

Part of me is still that dreamy, reserved little boy who watched the world with fascination and curiosity, who wanted to know everything about the Big Bang, Michael Jordan and adventure movies. In my native Bresse, I never thought I would one day become a photographer.

At the end of my master’s degree in geography in Lyon, I went to live for a while in Scotland to find some of my family origins there. Before leaving, I bought a small entry-level compact digital camera with my student budget. Three small megapixels to capture the moments that I was going to experience in the sublime country that is Scotland.

Ironically, I don’t think I have taken a single photo of Scottish landscapes that is truly interesting. But by playing with my camera, I discovered much more than just photography. I discovered a mode of expression, the medium that best reflects my relationship with the world, a way to express my creativity

I then returned to Lyon but it took a little longer for me to think I was capable of making it my job. And then, in 2015, I decided to leave everything to embark on the adventure!

Sincere, devoted, creative

As my son says, being a wedding photographer is “photographing people who smile”. It’s true, but it’s not just that! Shooting a wedding is about meeting a couple and their family. It is about being able to capture a snapshot of their history at a key moment in their lives. And it is an exercise that makes me proud.

It is also a demanding discipline, both physically and mentally. Every wedding day is a challenge, no two events are the same, that makes routine impossible.

Being a wedding photographer means doing a job that makes sense and allows me to express my creativity. I measure how lucky I am!

Today I am very proud to be able to offer you my services.

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